2023 CSW Esport update

Unfortunately we are having issues with the licencing around League of Legends. The game owner, Riot Games, sold the Australasian rights of League of Legends to META High School Esports in Australia, and META won’t renew the 2023 licencing with Victory UP and NZ Esports to run a NZ secondary school league.

This has left CSW with no options to even run a regional League of Legends competition during 2023. This is hugely disappointing, and ruins the hard work so many of us have put in since 2019.

We are recommending that if you have students that still want to be involved as a school team, that they look at NZEsports games Rocket League and eFootball.  While CSW won’t be handling the registration, draws and results for these, we have full trust with the national sport organisation NZ Esports, as well as Victory UP who are contracted to run these competition.


Article added: Monday 24 April 2023


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