Kāpiti College Hosts Thrilling CSW Senior Ki O Rahi Tournament


Kāpiti College recently played host to a two-day extravaganza of athleticism and camaraderie with the CSW Senior Ki O Rahi tournament. The event drew in over 180 students from surrounding colleges, showcasing the growing popularity and enthusiasm for this traditional Māori ball game.



The tournament kicked off with the mixed Ki O Rahi competition, featuring teams vying for supremacy in an exhilarating display of skill and strategy. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as players from various schools converged to compete for the coveted title.



In a testament to their prowess on the field, Wainuiomata emerged as the triumphant victors in the Mixed Competition, showcasing their agility, teamwork, and determination throughout the tournament.





The spirit of competition continued to soar as the girls took to the field, demonstrating their speed, agility, and tactical prowess in every play. Ultimately, it was Tawa College who clinched the title in the girls' division, their stellar performance a testament to their dedication and hard work.



Meanwhile, in the boys' competition, Wainuiomata asserted their dominance with an impressive display of athleticism and skill, emerging victorious to claim the championship title.



As the dust settled on two days of intense competition, the true winners were not just those who claimed victory on the field, but all the participants who showcased sportsmanship, resilience, and unity throughout the tournament.



The CSW Senior Ki O Rahi tournament at Kāpiti College was more than just a showcase of athletic prowess; it was a celebration of culture, community, and the transformative power of sport. Congratulations to all the teams who participated, and here's to many more thrilling tournaments in the future.



Article added: Friday 15 March 2024


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